Editor's Notes

Welcome to the very first issue of Native Aesthetic. I’m happy you’re here. A lot of thought has been put into making your experience the best possible. So, before diving in, let me share a few words that could help you along the way. 

Some of you may remember Native Aesthetic way back in its infancy. Yup. This isn't our first foray into the website business. We had a little run back then, but we quickly realized that executing a vision is tough work. So with tails tucked, we went back to the drawing board and did all sorts of soul searching while learning from our mistakes. We're back now and ready to go with renewed spirit and the hope that you'll grow with us. Flaws and all. 

Speaking of flaws, our aim is to be open with the expectation that you'll be open, too. Our team is continually inspired by what surrounds us. We aim to grapple with topics of general interest that intrigues not just us, but you as well. That means we’re counting on you big time. Got a pitch? Send us an email. Have a reaction? Post a comment. Things happen in life. Let’s talk about it.

Finally, you’ll notice each of our issues will center around well...an issue. Every other month we’ll share new material on a topic we want to delve into. This month we’re looking into the concept of progress and the many ways it may influence our society. The pieces selected for this issue will leave you to think about our constant desire to move forward--sometimes without regard for anything else. Hopefully, you'll leave with something.

Now, go. Explore. Thanks for sharing in our journey.