Editor's Notes


Hey again from the Native Aesthetic team! We’re happy you’re back. And if you’re joining us for the first time, welcome. We’re glad you’re here.

In keeping with the spring season, our March Issue explores the concept of renewal and what the idea might mean in entirely different contexts. Our feature story, These Artists Want to Revive DC’s Soul, highlights an artist collective based in Washington D.C. building the cultural infrastructure to attract and retain local artists. Chance the Rapper: The Marketing Genius of Legends interprets the artist’s meteoric rise as an ingenious marketing strategy that breathes life in today’s music industry. The piece, Why Your Neighborhood Is Home to So Many Coffee Shops, grapples with the norms we develop as our society experiences the dramatic in and out migration of people in cities everywhere. Also, be sure to check out the other goodies on our site. It’s for you.

One last thing. We’re looking for a music person to join our team. We have a playlist section in our site that we’re seeking to build and refine. Check our previous posts and if you like what you here, shoot us an email. Thanks and we hope you enjoy. And don’t forget, you belong.