DJ Chill Delivers All The Feels With This Nostalgic Mix

I grew up in the South. I also graduated college in 2011. If one of the two applies to you, then you’ll definitely enjoy this playlist. Native Aesthetic recently reached out to DJ Chill--the man behind this awesome creation--to find out what inspired him to put together an hour plus mix of pure southern delight. Read what he has to say below, and then click the link to go back to a time when all that was required to surf was swag, flexin’ could be done outside the gym, and Soulja Boy was cool. I’m playing. He was never cool. Enjoy.  

The following excerpt was edited for clarity and length.

Native Aesthetic: What was the inspiration behind the mix? I must say. The first time I listened to it  my colleagues were giving me the side eye because I had a full on party at my desk.

DJ Chill: Thanks I'm glad that you enjoyed it.  I went to school in the AUC (Clark Atlanta University) during that time. Fresh out of Brooklyn, NY, it was a culture shock going to school out there. A lot of the songs that I heard were basically brand new to me. Since I graduated from Clark, I've been to every homecoming. But, I missed the last one. Seeing everyone on social media having fun out there while I wasn't had me feeling like I was missing out, so I started reminiscing and put together a list of the popular songs from my time in the South. A few months later, I decided to mix them together and share. I wanted everyone to have that feeling of nostalgia I had while listening. I didn't expect it to get as many plays as it has though. Lol.

Click here to listen.