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Immigration in the Arts | How Creatives are Changing the Conversation

For better or worse, my citizenship in the United States is not subject to question or debate. I can rest easy knowing the soil beneath my feet is mine by birthright. Despite this assurance, I’m ashamed to mention how long I go before I remember, and ultimately, appreciate this privileged position. It is only when I am left to question the citizenship status of others that I reflect on my own.

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Meet the Creators of The Hip Hop Book Club—The Young Rap Ambassadors Pushing the Culture Forward

Gracious enough to spare a few minutes before celebrating their first book club on the road, I parlayed with the four founders (Attah “A.T.” Essien, Kenny Reeves, Terrance “T. Lee” Lee, and Sobechi “Sobe” Ibekwe) to learn more about their idea to discuss influential Hip Hop albums, their interpretation of the genre’s rapidly changing sound, and what’s next for the growing platform. Oh, and, their intent to continue producing quality content and “make that sh*t look sexy.”

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